“Yes, That’s My Kid with the Blue/Green Hair”

To be perfectly honest, my parenting fantasies never included kids with neon hair. However, as a child of the 80’s I’m just thankful that the permanent wave and big hair trends have faded into hair history. Today’s styles are bright and colorful.

She Wanted to Feel Like a Mermaid

My teen isn’t exactly a fashionista. She raids my closet regularly, which I think makes me a “cool mom” by most standards. This spring, though, ombre hair was all the rage, and inevitably, she requested bluish green hair. Our stylist was instructed to make her hair look like “the ocean in motion.”

Thankfully, our hairdresser is a phenomenal color artist. The finished style truly looked like water receding from the beach as it blended into my daughter’s natural dirty blonde. It was such a transformation from her usual style, that she was counted absent from class for 2 days straight because her teachers didn’t recognize the mermaidlike hair.

Caring for Her Color was Easier Than Using a Dinglehopper

I was concerned that this dye-job would fade quickly, wasting the hard-earned money I had spent. Thankfully, her stylist had a list of color friendly products for us to choose from. She suggested avoiding swimming pools until the color had begun to fade naturally, as well, to reduce bleached out spots that would ruin the effect.

Basic healthy haircare regimens and avoiding exposure to chlorine allowed my kid to rock that mermaid hair for months. Even as it faded into greener than blue in places it remained beautiful and unique. I may have had reservations about allowing such a drastic hairstyle change, but I am glad I did. Her confidence grew with each compliment, and I watched with pride as she accepted them with grace.

Letting Your Child Take Risks in Their Personal Appearance Builds Character

I don’t know that I have the guts to make such a drastic change to my appearance, but I’m fully on board when my children want to try something new. I’ve found that experience being the best teacher has kept my kids from repeating choices that didn’t have the desired effect. Sure, they might look goofy for a while, but hair grows, and it made them feel empowered to have a say in their fashion choices.

This mindset applies to tattoos and piercings, as well, though we have an agreement about age restrictions and have discussed the ramifications of excessive body modification on hireability. The most important haircare or bodily appearance rule we have is this: you must live with your choice. Yes, there may be an emergency salon visit involved someday, but so far, this hasn’t been needed.

To Dye or Not to Dye, Isn’t Really the Question

In conclusion, I believe that my kids are less rebellious and more likely to involve me in their personal choices because I’ve encouraged them to take chances and accountability. Her hair color isn’t the important part, trusting her judgement IS.