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Hair Foundation Provides Extensive, Unbiased Hair Related Information

Seattle, WA, March 8, 2009 - Throughout the ages, hair has played a key role in defining self-esteem and standards of beauty. Just take a stroll down the hair care aisle of any store and our society's obsession with hair is readily apparent.

With so many products, claims and influences, it can be difficult to find unbiased information and advice for hair related issues. The Hair Foundation has taken a leading role as a hair health advocate to provide up-to-date information, research and advice on hair care, hair loss, hair removal, hair styling, and hair disease.

"Our goal is to provide information and resources that empower and inform consumers about their hair-related issues," said Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat, MD., Chair and President, Hair Foundation. "We want people to feel safe in knowing that the information and advice is provided with no hidden agenda."

People seeking information on an extensive range of hair related issues will what they are looking for on the foundation's new web site. The latest research, advancements, and proven hair loss treatments is provided by internationally recognized leaders in the fields of dermatology, general surgery, cosmetic surgery, and other medical specialties, who have studied and treated hair diseases and hair loss.

The Hair Foundation, a non-profit organization, spearheads research, coordinates educational events and collaborates with medical professionals and corporations. It promotes programs such as Operation Restore, a physician-run pro bono foundation, which provides hair restoration surgery to individuals with hair loss due to trauma or disease. The Hair Foundation also promotes the Hugs-U-Wear program, which provides thousands of custom-made human hair wigs and hats to children suffering the hair loss of cancer treatment nationwide.

About the Hair Foundation
Founded in 2005, the Hair Foundation is a charitable, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization committed to providing scientific information for public education and outreach. Wholly supported by donations and volunteerism, the foundation continually works to provide credible information to the public on all aspects of hair health and care. A nine-member Board of Trustees and three separate councils including the Scientific Advisory Council, Allied Organizations Council, and Industry Advisory Council, govern the Hair Foundation, striving to be the number one resource on hair information for the public.

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