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Dow B. Stough IV, MD, FAAD, Hot Springs, AR

Dr. Dow B. Stough maintains private practice in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Dallas, Texas. He is a board certified Dermatologist and has practiced in Hot Springs since 1988. Dr. Stough is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He received his medical degree from the University of Arkansas, where he also completed his dermato1ogy residency. In addition, he completed a cosmetic surgery fellowship sponsored by the American Academy of Dermatology. He is a member of the St. Joseph's Institutional Review Board and is a Certified Clinical Trials Investigator for clinical research. He serves as feature editor of Dermatologic Surgery and is a contributing editor for the peer review panel of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Dr. Stough is a co-founder and past president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is a renowned hair transplant surgeon and has authored/co-authored several textbooks on the field of hair restoration, which continue to be some of the most definitive texts on the subject. His most recent textbooks include, "Hair Restoration - Current Techniques in Procedural Dermatology" (Roenigk, et al) and "Hair Transplantation - Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology" (Dover JS). He was presented the Golden Follicle Award in 1999 from the ISHRS for his continued innovation and research in the field of hair transplantation. Dr. Stough's most current research involves optimizing the methodology for single hair transplantation as well as donor sectioning techniques.

Dr. Dow Stough began hair transplanting under the tutelage of his father in 1985. He joined his father in private practice after becoming a diplomate of the American Academy of Dermatology and immediately started practicing and innovating hair transplantation and alopecia reduction. In 1992, he, together with O'Tar Norwood, founded the ISHRS, an organization that has become the foremost international association of hair restoration surgeons in the world. In addition, in 1996, he edited one of the standard reference textbooks on the subject. Dr. Stough has been president of the ISHRS, a member of the board of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, is a feature editor for special issues of Dermatologic Surgery, contributing editor for Cosmetic Dermatology, along with various other organizations.

Dr. Dow Stough has over fifteen years experience as a hair transplant surgeon and has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures. He was one of the first surgeons to use the single-hair graft technique. He developed the Feathering Zone Technique® in 1989 to further optimize the use of single hair grafts for a natural appearing hairline.

Dr. Stough has authored approximately over one hundred medical papers and has given over two hundred scientific presentations. With his vast experience in the field of hair restoration, Dr. Stough has trained countless physicians which travel from all over the world to view the techniques offered in his clinic.