How to Eat Your Way to Good Hair

You are what you eat. You also can look like what you eat. Food can make sick people healthy, promote better skin, nails, and even hair. There are many nutrients that can improve hair health including Vitamin E, protein, and Omega- 3. These and many more vitamins can be found in commonly found foods. The following foods all promote healthy and strong hair for a shine that will last a lifetime.

The Incredible Egg

Eggs are a magical protein that are a staple in most diets around the globe. Perhaps most use eggs as a delicious breakfast that is quick to make with versatile styles to choose from. However, eggs aren’t just yummy, the biotin naturally found can help hair grow. In fact, a lack of biotin can have a negative result leading to hair loss.

It’s Carrot Season

Carrots are not only for rabbits. This valuable vegetable helps with eyesight and hair. Carrots are packed with a variety of vitamins including Vitamin C, A, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, and potassium (just to name a few). Carrots are fantastic for consuming or applying directly to hair.

Spinach Isn’t Just for Popeye

Iron is frequently lacking in a woman’s diet and spinach, as well as other dark leafy greens, are a great natural source of iron. Spinach doesn’t just have iron to offer. It also contains a natural conditioner called sebum. This vegetable also has a plethora of other helpful vitamins such as omega-3, calcium, magnesium, and more. This combination provides a shiny coat that keeps hair strong and thick.


Nuts for Almond Butter (And Other Nuts)

Almond butter and milk is growing increasingly popular as a replacement to peanut butter and cow’s milk. This switch may have other motivations, but it can also be fantastic for hair. The Vitamin E in almond butter with help create a professional hair shine without the effort.

Pistachios, walnuts and cashews also make the list of helpful nuts for hair to naturally shine. This is due to the biotin and oils they contain. It can even help with male or female balding.

Greek Yogurt Goddess

When hair issues arise, the last possible cause that comes to mind is blood flow. However, that is precisely the issue that Greek yogurt helps combat by creating better flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth.


Swim With the Salmon

Salmon, along with mackerels and sardines, can help with hair loss in both men and women by providing Omega- 3 fatty acids. This helps deal with possible inflammation that may cause hair to fall out. Just be sure to check where the fish is coming from and try to ensure they are not farmed if possible.

There are many superfoods available in every supermarket today. Integrating them into your daily meals combined with avoiding certain harmful foods like sugar, diet soda, fast food, and alcohol can improve hair and scalp health. With a variety of organic options, hair can look shinier, fuller, and healthier by simply adding these foods to a daily healthy diet.