Haircare Advice for People Who Don’t Care About Hair

I’m one of those women who spend only a few moments on their hair daily. I don’t own a straight iron, I’m not that good at maintaining regular haircuts, either. So, I asked my stylist for a few tips to keep my hair healthy, without the fuss.

Show Your Scalp Some Love

My stylist is used to my lack of interest in the finer points of fashion and beauty. I’m just not that chick, and thankfully, she has some useful tricks that take care of my hair care needs without a salon visit. Her biggest piece of advice is to make sure my hair is washed and conditioned with products that aren’t harsh on my scalp. She also recommends massaging my scalp with a leave-in treatment regularly to keep the skin healthy and not dried out.

Shake Your Look Up Occasionally to Deter Rage Cuts

As a writer, my hair routine involves a headband, hair tie, or hat usually. Because of this, my hair doesn’t often get treated with chemicals to make it stay in any style or color. My stylist suggested non-permanent washable color applications for those times I want something bright and different than my usual style. I like this option because it allows for experimentation of colors and looks without subjecting my scalp to harsh chemicals. This has helped my sneaky but smart stylist head off more than one demand for a buzzcut she knew I’d regret.

Trust Their Opinion as Much as You Trust Their Hands

When I walk into the salon, I usually know what style of cut or color I am looking for. An honest stylist will let you know if the style you’re wanting will be flattering or not. I think that if I hadn’t chosen a different look because she wasn’t sure my pick would work for me, I would have had more than one truly awful hairdo. I trust my stylist to not cut me, to know which chemicals interact safely, and what styling tools to use so it just seems common sense to me to trust her judgement about my style choices.

We’ve all seen people who obviously either didn’t listen to their stylist or gave extremely vague instructions to their hairdresser. I may not be a fashionista, but I do know when to respect the knowledge of those who make their careers creating beauty and boosting people’s self-esteem.

Style, Beauty, and Therapy?

Few services can change our opinions of ourselves like a great hairstyle, whether it’s sophisticated or simple. While hairdressers are busy cutting, combing, and coloring our manes, they are usually engaging in conversation with their clients. Without realizing it, we can find ourselves pouring our hearts out to the same person deftly snipping away at our hair with super sharp shears.

Whether you get a new style, or prefer to stay in your comfort zone, your stylist knows the best products available to help you rock your style.