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Hair Loss From Trichotillomania

This "hair plucking mania" is a condition in which hair loss is caused by the individual's obsessive/compulsive plucking of his/her own hair. In a mild form, the plucking may be a routine, semi-automatic behavior while the individual reads, watches, television, etc. In more severe obsessive/compulsive form, the plucking is consciously carried out, perhaps in front of a mirror.

The individual is likely to deny the behavior, even when evidence of plucked patches is clear. The consciously compulsive hair plucker will usually conceal plucking instruments and discard plucked hairs to avoid discovery. In contrast, piles of plucked hairs may be discovered around the semi-automatic plucker's favorite chair.

Trichotillomania is a condition requiring psychological evaluation and treatment

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