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Hair Waxes & Pomades

Hair waxes and pomades are the ultimate flexible hair styling products and can give great root lift. But be careful - they are potentially heavy and greasy if not used in the proper quantity. They are typically water and oil emulsions that combine water-soluble polymers with waxy ingredients. They are best used on very short hairstyles and create texture for a piece-y, chunky look. Because they are water repellent, waxes and pomades can be difficult to wash out of hair. Use of a clarifying or purifying shampoo is recommended with waxes.

They primarily hold hair through seam welds creating large locks of many hairs bonded together. The result is hair that stands up from the scalp in large chunks, creating a texturized look. The holding power is created by the waxy materials' internal stickiness or cohesiveness. The waxy materials do not "dry" because they are not water-soluble. Thus these bonds don't become rigid over time. The positive benefit of not drying means that the bonds can be easily remolded by running your hands through your hair over time.