Fun and Interesting Facts About Hair You Probably Never Knew

Everyone has hair. However, there is still a lot most people do not know about hair. The following are fun and interesting facts about hair.

The Most Common Color Isn’t Brown

The most common hair color is actually black. However, brown is still extremely popular. Red and blonde hair colors are the least common with red hair only making up less than 4 percent of the population.

Humans Shed Hair

Most men complain about cleaning out the hair in the drain after women, but this is completely normal.  In fact, people shed anywhere from 40 to 150 strands per day.

Hair DNA

Hair follicles can share a lot of information including medicine, drugs, region of a person, etc.  Some companies use hair strands to check for marijuana use long after the traditional drug tests would be able to detect use.  So careful who has access to your hair.

Hair Growth

While hair can seem to grow quickly, it takes about 3 years to get it to the shoulders (about half an inch a month!). While there are many theories about shaving or cutting hair to encourage growth, this is not true.  Diet, however, can have an impact.

Environmentally Friendly

When there is an oil spill, the last item that comes to mind in terms of cleanup is hair. However, some groups have been able to use human hair to clean up spills.  This is because hair naturally absorbs oil out of water.

What is Inside Hair?

Most conversations shift to how to strengthen hair or create a shine, but the true question remains: What is in hair? Hair is comprised of protein and amino acids comprised of the elements carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur.

Hairy People

Almost all of the human body is covered in hair, about 95%.  There are few areas where hair cannot grow including palms, the bottom of feet and on lips.

Weight Loss and Hair Loss

Losing weight can be a great thing. However, while it may be healthy for the body it can also lead to hair loss.  When this happens, do not fear because hair can grow back very quickly.  Ensure to infuse fatty acids and take biotin to help regrow the hair.

Dying for Hair Dye

Just 60 years ago only 7% of women dyed their hair. However, today upwards of 70% of women dye their hair.  That is a huge increase and has led to a booming hair business.

Hair Culture

Around the world, hair can mean different things to different cultures.  Many tribes around the world believe that hair shows status, age, or ability. Some use braided designs to signify a woman getting married, health and vitality, or simply to show off beauty.  In other cultures the length is the important aspect.

Some cultures, like in India, will shave a baby’s head to signify a fresh start.  Brazilians will cut their hair during different moon phases in order to get a desired result.

Hair is a powerful and intriguing aspect of the human body as well as impactful on culture and beauty standards around the globe.