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International Seal of Recommendation Program

Apply for Product Review and the Seal of Recommendation

We are offering the International Seal of Recommendation ™ Program to recognize hair products that meet certain product testing standards and criteria for their performance claims. This helps to educate the public about outstanding consumer products.

It is important to distinguish and recognize products that not only make performance claims, but also can deliver on them. Making it easier to recognize products that meet standards for scientific claims and efficacy is the greatest benefit of the Seal Program.

This program also helps consumers make informed decisions about products and treatment options for their hair-related issues. The Hair Foundation seeks to evaluate and to recognize companies and distributors who conduct sound scientific testing and present accurate product claims. The Foundation is promoting public awareness of hair loss, hair care and overall hair health,providing information in the field of hair loss, hair care and hair health, and providing expert medical opinions in the field of hair loss, hair care and hair health.

Earning the Seal: To earn the Hair Foundation's International Seal of Recommendation TM, an applicant must provide evidence that its product claims have been sufficiently researched, tested and achieved.

Please contact us at Phone: 224-522-5420 or Email: to request an application or to learn more about the program.

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