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Charitable Programs

Hair and Skin Health: A Medical and Beauty Expo for Consumers
Join us for a free event for consumers.

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Eventbrite - 2014 Ft. Lauderdale Hair and Skin Health: A Free Medical and Beauty Expo

For more information please contact: Jessica Blomquist at or call 224-522-5420

We Care For The Hair And The Person
Despite our society's near obsession with hair appearance, length, color, volume and style, there has not been a single source for unbiased information on hair - until now.

The Hair Foundation, through its many respected and credible resources, aims to provide information to the public and the consumer that will help them discover the true facts about hair health and their options for treating and maintaining healthy hair. We have identified and built joint partnerships with various non-profit organizations who directly serve the community the Hair Foundation is trying to reach though education and awareness. We support these organizations and their efforts to meet the needs of individuals dealing with cancer and hair loss due to trauma or disease by fundraising on their behalf and raising awareness of their charitable missions. Our partner programs include the following:

Operation Restore

The Hair Foundation will continue to promote Operation Restore, an innovative program initiated by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Pro Bono Foundation and its member physicians. See Press Release:

This program provides hair restoration surgery to individuals with hair loss due to trauma or disease. The program serves the community at large by matching prospective patients who do not have the means to fund surgery with volunteer physicians.

Operation Restore Needs

Financial Support: Monetary donations to Operation Restore are well spent. This program matches prospective hair loss patients with volunteer ISHRS physicians to obtain hair restoration services to help restore the physical and emotional wellness of the individual. The organizations will use these funds to provide financial, travel, lodging, and medical assistance to eligible patients.

Product Donations: If your organization is interested in donating products to be used in pre and post operative treatment and during surgery, please contact Jessica Blomquist at

We thank the following donors for joining Hair Foundation in supporting Operation Restore:

See Press Release on supporters of Operation Restore


The Hair Foundation recently paired the needs of the Childhood Leukemia Foundation (CLF), an AOC member, with Procter and Gamble (P&G), an IAC member, to support CLF's Hugs-U-Wear program, which provides thousands of custom made, 100% human hair wigs with kid-friendly hats to children nationwide.

Hugs-U-Wear got a big boost through the Hair Foundation partnership when P&G agreed to provide hair care products to the recipients of the Hugs-U-Wear packets. We're proud to see Hair Foundation members joining forces to achieve great things together.

Childhood Leukemia Foundation Needs

Financial Support: CLF continues to be one of the few nationwide cancer organizations whose sole mission is to address the emotional needs and nurture the spirit within children with cancer. Gifts and donations to CLF can be made through the Hair Foundation or directly to Childhood Leukemia Foundation. Please mention you learned about CLF through the Hair Foundation so we may recognize your generosity within both organizations.

Product Donations: CLF offers Wish Baskets to "Lift the Spirits" of these very deserving children. Donations of products are always appreciated to fill these baskets.

Baby Basket: Wish Basket suitable for ages newborn to age 2 and contains an infant robe, personal care products, educational materials, toys, and a $50.00 "Wish Card."

Child Basket: Wish Basket suitable for children (ages 3 to 10) and contains PJ's with matching pillowcase, personal care products, educational materials, games and/or toys, and a $50.00 "Wish Card".

Teen Basket: Wish Basket suitable for teens and young adults (ages 11-21), and contains PJ's with matching pillowcase, personal care products, educational materials, games, and a $50.00 "Wish Card".