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2013 Annual Update

Welcome to the Hair Foundation's annual update.

2012 was another great year and one that ushered in significant opportunities for growth.

With our team of esteemed professionals, the Hair Foundation continues to evolve and be extremely successful. We begin each year by launching key initiatives to advance our goals. We are proud of this year's accomplishments and would like to share them with you.

  • Launched the first of a series of regional Day of Hair Health Expo events, the first one will be in Winter Park, FL - please register here.
  • Created nine feature videos with expert advice on hair loss, treatments and hair care for NBC, which received 500,000-plus views
  • Our experts participated in media and press interviews
  • Expanded our blog to include Hair Foundation experts, industry leaders, product announcements, Hair loss and Hair Care news
  • Published an online newsletter featuring articles from our experts, tips for consumers, advancements in hair care and industry news
  • Enriched our Allied Organizations Council with two new partners: Trichotillomania Learning Center and the Dutch Hair Foundation
  • Grew our international outreach by welcoming our newest partner, Hair More China

As you can see, we had a busy and productive year. I'd like to again thank my board and trustees, members of our advisory council, and our donors and partners for helping us to achieve our goals. We are grateful for the contributions and ongoing participation; without it we could not function as an organization and promote our events and programs. We hope that you continue to find value in our progress.

This year, we have several initiatives that offer an opportunity for you to get involved.

  • Expand the Hair Foundation's visibility. We will accomplish this through our blog, website and media interviews on topics such as children and women with hair loss, hair disease, overall hair care and styling, anti-aging, advancements and hair surgery
  • Produce another 12 feature videos for NBC on hair care, loss and disease
  • Create articles on hot topics such as Hollywood Secret Hair Challenges and Seasonal Hair Care
  • Support Childhood Leukemia Foundation and Operation Restore grants and educational outreach
  • Expand the Hair Foundation's global reach by offering education, training and outreach in Chinese and other languages to be distributed by our international partners
  • Promote two books I authored, Women and Hair Loss and Children and Hair Loss, with additional chapters by our renowned group of expert doctors. The books' profits will be donated to various charities including
  • New chapters include the following:
    • Hair Care
    • Cancer and Hair Loss
    • Hair Disease
    • Hair Loss
    • Emerging Therapies
    • Anti-Aging
    • Low Level Laser Light

We have an exciting and busy year ahead of us and we welcome any and all suggestions and contributions from you. It is with your continued support that the Hair Foundation can we strive to be the most trusted source providing hair information to the public.

Thank you,


Dr. Matt Leavitt
President and Chair