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Allied Organizations Council (AOC)

The AOC advances public awareness and enhances the positive perception of the hair industry through collaboration. It is a voluntary group of participating not-for-profit organizations that share many of the same interests, issues, and concerns related to the hair-health industry. The Council provides like-minded organizations an opportunity to realize equal rewards, to accomplish their shared objectives, and to work together for the good of the industry, its common causes, and common goals.

The AOC brings together diverse viewpoints to strategize and counter negative media and public perceptions about the hair industry. The Council provides a platform for participating organizations to communicate and coordinate activities in support of consumer access to the Hair Foundation, unbiased hair-health information. There are many critical issues facing this industry.

The goal of the AOC is to facilitate cooperation and to harness the power of collective efforts of the partnering organizations to create awareness of hair health among health care providers, consumers, companies and related organizations that will strengthen the overall industry. The AOC provides the Hair Foundation with recommendations to improve promotion of hair health information approved by the Hair Foundation Scientific Advisory Council.

The Hair Foundation invites not-for-profit organizations who represent the broad and diverse hair health and hair care community, both nationally and internationally, to join us in this effort.

  American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).
Founded in 1997, the mission of the ABHRS is to act for the benefit of the public, to establish specialty standards and to examine surgeons' skill, knowledge and aesthetic judgment in the field of hair restoration surgery. ABHRS seeks to grant certification to domestic and international candidates who meet the highest standards of the medical profession in the field of hair restoration surgery with the express provision that the Board will not act as a business, vocational or post-secondary school. ABHRS continues to strive for safe and aesthetically sensitive practice of hair restoration.


The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery/International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS/IBHRS) is the largest worldwide entity to have established standards for certification for education, training and experience in Hair Restoration Surgery. Physicians who are eligible to apply for ABHRS/IBHRS certification have demonstrated the accumulation of significant experience in the field of Hair Restoration Surgery and have all shown a commitment to high standards of training and education. Those who have achieved certification have demonstrated advanced knowledge in the art and science of hair restoration through peer-reviewed examination. While there is currently no American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) certification specific to hair restoration, the ABHRS/IBHRS is the only certification recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the largest hair restoration educational organization in the world.

  The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
is a non-profit medical association of over 700 physicians specializing in alopecia and hair loss. The ISHRS provides continuing education to physicians specializing in hair transplant and restoration surgery and gives the public the latest information on medical hair restoration and non-surgical treatment for hair loss.

  International Hair Research Foundation

  American Association of Cosmetology Schools
The AACS is "America's Voice in Hair, Skin, and Nail Education". AACS lobbies Congress and the Department of Education aggressively to protect the interests of private career schools.

Founded in 1924, the AACS is a national, non-profit association open to all privately owned schools of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences. AACS specializes in updating members with information about new teaching methods, current industry events, and political changes that affect cosmetology schools and education. They do this through a series of seminars, conferences and conventions held throughout the year. Most notably, the AACS members act as a single organization, often helping each other with addressing problems facing beauty education.

The Foundation continues to be one of the few nationwide cancer organizations whose sole mission is to address the emotional needs and nurture the spirit within children with cancer.

  Childhood Leukemia Foundation
Continues to be one of the few nationwide cancer organizations whose sole mission is to address the emotional needs and nurture the spirit within children with cancer.

Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) helps adults and children with trichotillomania, which is hair loss from repeated urges to pull or twist the hair until it breaks off, skin picking and related disorders, their parents, friends, and families, doctors and therapists, and the media. TLC works with the world's leading researchers and clinicians to publish scientifically accurate information about these behaviors and provide a wide range of services to the community.

The Hair Foundation is also pleased to welcome our newest international non-profit partner, the Dutch Hair Foundation. This nonprofit foundation shares our mission abroad by providing unbiased information and informing people with hair problems and hair diseases in the Netherlands.